The Mirror Image DAO

The Mirror Image DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization formed by SELF Platform Inc. and focused on protecting and helping people monetize their data.


1. Create Your Mirror Image Reflection. 

The Mirror Image Reflection is an interoperable avatar that allows you to be yourself and earn SELF Coins while interacting in any metaverse. Our Mirror Image Avatars are playable in your favorite game, metaverse, and are fully custimizable.  You can purchase clothes and accessories at the Mirror Image Marketplace.

By creating your own Mirror Image Avatar you are automaically added as a memeber of the DAO.

You can create your own avatar HERE


2. Receive Rewards On Marketplace Transactions

As a member of the DAO you will have the membership benefit to receive up to 1% of every transaction on the Mirror Image Marketplace. After each transaction, 1% is automatically transferred into the DAO pool. Each member has the ability to withdraw their rewards or stake it for expansion of the Mirror Image Tools.


3. Vote On Proposals

As a member you can vote and create proposals for the DAO. We currently use Aragon for our DAO managment and can be accessed HERE


What Is A DAO?

A DAO is a Dencetralized Autonomous Organization. A DAO is an organization with no centralized control. Which means the people control the organization and not just one entity. Learn more about DAOs HERE

What Does The Mirror Image DAO Do?

The Mirror Image DAO allows individuals to govern the Mirror Image Tools and vote on how we expand the organization. 

Who Created The Mirror Image DAO?

The Mirror Image DAO was formed by SELF Platform Inc. 

Why Should I Join The Mirror Image DAO?

You should join the Mirror Image DAO if you are looking to be apart of the growth of the Mirror Image Marketplace and our expansion as we go deeper into the Metaverse.